It’s “New Headshot” Season!

Headshots are something folks either love or they hate.

While I don’t love the time they take out of the workday, and the awkwardness of holding a forced/faked smile always tortures me a bit, I believe they are important.

I’ve been lucky to work at several companies which provide headshots as a perk of employment, so I haven’t needed to pay for this service or do my own shoots.

Headshots can be used for many purposes:

  • company websites
    • for culture and recognition purposes
  • pitch decks
    • to inspire additional confidence and humanize the experience
  • personal blogs [like mine!]
    • to lend credibility
  • bios for panels + conference badges
    • set the right tone for your upcoming event

For this reason, I like to have several versions of my headshot, to be used in different settings.

And, every year or so, I like to get a headshot taken to keep my online/digital presences up-to-date.

I was recently able to get my photo taken again for an updated 2019/2020 headshot.

Shot by my friend and co-woker, Danilo Meulens, at our new MediaMonks LA office.

I ended up with a few great options so I’m going to selectively use them in different scenarios.

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Do you have a preference and/or any advice on how to capture great headshots?

Leave a comment below!

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