Hello World!

My name is Kit Hennessey Wilkes…

…and I live to love to live!

A recent headshot

I’m originally from Colorado and in a former life I was a professional snowboarder.

It sounds more glamorous than it was…

For me, it was still “living the dream” though.

I am truly grateful to have spent years in the mountains.

Ask me more about the “good old days” when I got to the slopes over 100 times a year!

I’m now happily “retired” and spending my days in tech.

I love working as a global program manager for MediaMonks creating premium creative for top companies.

My blog is a happy blend of my favorite work, travel, and inspiration…and anything else worth sharing!

These projects are a [small] collection of deeper explorations or toolkits I made, and, if there are any suggestions, please drop me a line.

My passions are spiked for animal and human rights and I do my best to protect the environment while I actively try to better myself, on a daily basis.

You can often find me volunteering which led me to Girls in Tech Los Angeles, a terrific organization.

My sources for inspiration include my family and dear friends, street art/graffiti, Pinterest, Instagram, live music, and reading as much as possible.

When I’m not working, I spend as much time as possible with my husband and our adorable dog.

Our favorite things to do together are spending time with family and friends, traveling to new places, exploring the natural splendor around SoCal, and attending live music performances and festivals.

Oh, and in case you are worried, we do still, occasionally, get up to the mountains to shred!

I’d love to learn more about you: let’s get connected!


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