Introduction. Hello.


My name is Kit Hennessey.

This is my professional website blog.

My Background:

I am from Evergreen, Colorado.

I am a proud graduate of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU) with a Bachelor’s in the Science of Advertising.  My emphases were in Marketing, Communication, and French.

After college, I spent years “living the dream:” residing, working and competitively snowboarding up in the High Country, with summers in Oregon on a glacier.

After realizing I couldn’t “have it all” with my current lifestyle, I left the mountains to pursue a fulfilling career by: developing my skill-set, gaining industry experience, and increasing my relevant knowledge in Business, Creative, and Technology.

I am currently a first semester Graduate Student at Boulder Digital Works at CU, located in Boulder, Co, in a program centered on those 3 foci.  It’s great to be back in Boulder and my classes and classmates are wonderful.  My classes this semester include Front End Technology, Interaction Design, Branding and Identity and Make Something.

My current professional goals are to excel in my classes, secure an awesome internship, snowboard as much powder as possible, and finish grad school.

I have worked in many different sectors including dining, education, child care, professional athletics, hospitality, retail, management, advertising, and sales.  I consider my diverse work history an asset and when in advertising I had the opportunity to work with many different businesses/industries, learning more about how they do business.

I have recently started my own LLC, Keep It Together (KIT) Consulting to do some small-business consulting now while I’m in school and later once I’m a graduate.  My services are varied and are designed for small and independent businesses with local target markets, who want to have global perspective, quality of work and insight.

My interests are varied but my biggest passions include snowboarding, hiking, golfing, reading, traveling, cooking, fashion, and piano.

I like to spend my free time following those passions but I’m not finding as many opportunities to get away these days with my grad school workload, so my more time and economic-intensive passions, like traveling, have moved to the back burner.

This blog will be a record of my experiences and ruminations on my journey at BDW, and beyond.

Here I go, watch me soar!

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