Checkpoint. Spring Break.

Yesterday was the official last day of Spring Break.

I’m struck by the fact that this could very well be my last Spring Break, and I’m pleased to say I did an excellent job of achieving a balance between work and play.

So far, I’ve been working on some schoolwork, some spring snowboarding, and some side projects I just didn’t find time to work on during the semester.

What’s most interesting is what once I get back to school, it won’t be there: we have moved from a Downtown location to an Industrial location; right next to the train tracks.  This new spot will allow me to solder without worrying about burning the building down.  The new spot will also keep me from eating out as much as it’s not close to Chipotle. (BDW inside joke, but seriously: it’s addictive, fast, and delicious!)

I will miss 1011 Walnut, the space and it’s rooftop, but it seems perfect that as I begin to contemplate my next move, the school has already moved.

I’ve spent some time this Break thinking about where I’d like to go next…I’ve been reviewing potential employers, examining potential locations, and determining who I want to connect with.  There is an impressive community at BDW and I plan on exploring the network of great people who have come before me, and become one of them myself.  I hope I have as much to offer the next class as the classes before have given to me: great peeps are hard to come by!

Despite a couple days of great sadness: we had to say goodbye to one of our beloved four-legged family member this week, which was devastating; I have been working and playing as much as possible.  I am so happy that one of the unintended benefits of coming to school was being able to spend what ended up being his last weeks and months together.  Being at home with my parents is challenging but ultimately so rewarding and wonderful, as it’s brought us all closer together.  I’m so thankful I made the decision to come to BDW about a year ago, because it’s changed my life and been my best decision, yet.

The rest of this semester promises to be a blur: projects are wrapping up, trips are being planned, classes will be ending, and add in the jury duty I was just assigned; and it’s May before I know it.

I plan on working to keep this incredible work life balance during  the upcoming weeks, to keep myself sane and productive for the final push.

See you at the next Checkpoint: End of Semester 2!



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