#GITLAxTechStyle "Females in Fashion and Technology"

#GITLAxTechStyle “Females in Fashion and Technology”!

We had our first Girls in Tech LA event of 2018 and it was a hit!

We partnered with TechStyle Fashion Group for an evening of inspiration and empowerment we called “Females in Fashion and Technology” and we had a full house of great folks having a great time.

I personally, had never been to TechStyle offices before and I LOVED the energy and ambiance: they had upbeat music, strategic lighting, an industrial space, a full cafeteria, a large auditorium area, and more…I am sure all their employees love coming to work every day!

My contributions to this event were:

  • Content Production
  • Creative Direction & Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Event Production
  • Social Marketing

See the Facebook live video here.

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