It’s been a while…Let’s Catch Up!

In fact, it’s been about 6 years since I last blogged…where does the time go?!

For me, it’s gone quickly because I’ve been busy living the life I hoped for when I started this blog, working as a senior creative producer and digital marketing manger in Los Angeles.

My journey is ever-evolving and I am so grateful for every challenging and beautiful step along the way!

Since my last post, I:

  • took a national agency and industry tour, with my dad
  • was recruited from grad school
  • worked at a reputable and solid agency
  • produced national online advertising for a major automotive maker
  • met my [now] husband, who rescued our sweet dog, and we started a life together
  • was promoted to mid-level
  • took on my largest project to date, a 20-month initiative to migrate flash and standard HTML to dynamic advertising
  • attended burning man
  • founded an internal organization for women in technology
  • became lead producer on a major agency website redesign
  • became a regional lead for a global internal network for women in business
  • submitted 2 panels to SXSW
  • was recognized by senior network leadership with an incredible trip to Paris
  • planned my wedding in southern California
  • went back to SXSW sponsored by my company
  • was nominated for the LA Business Journal’s Women in Business “Rising Star” award
  • attended TEDWomen for the first “time”
  • was recruited to a small development shop
  • was promoted to senior-level
  • developed agency level processes and workflows
  • got married to my husband
  • had a fabulous honeymoon in Jamaica
  • became an expert in digital production and digital marketing
  • planned & produced a hackathon
  • became an event planner and producer

I’m going to update this post with links to recaps, write-ups, thoughts, and more based on the above…

I am also going to start posting more [at all] along with new content and though-leadership based on my experiences in production and marketing.


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