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#MarketingOptWeek 2018

I had the pleasure to attend my first #MarketingOptWeek and I learned a lot about the digital and integrated marketing trends for 2018!

I am an integrated marketing manager in Los Angeles and, therefore, I maintain peripheral vision of all the newest industry updates and monitor the landscape actively.

Finding events like #MarketingOptWeek, which was online and free, helps me to stay attuned to the pulse and not invest too much in any one realm before doing some of my own testing and experimentation.

The online conference featured webinar tracks based on:

  • PPC [Pay-Per-Click]
  • AI [Artificial Intelligence]
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Automation

The conference/event featured industry leaders and was sponsored by Unbounce.

For me, as an integrated marketing manager, the most noteworthy and especially relevant take-aways are:

  • If we don’t want to waste any of our PPC budgets, we MUST optimize our landing pages by:
    • using data to better our design
    • mindfully include the 5 elements, prioritizing clarity over aesthetic
  • AI is an integrated marketers best friend for:
    • eliminating repetitive tasks
    • automation
    • ecommerce
    • testing
    • retargeting
    • in-app messaging & real-time RT convos
  • We can have our best year of email marketing if we:
    • create better inbox experiences
    • design relevant opportunities to engage
    • use automation strategically
  • Unicorns DO exist…and being strategic and prepared for them is critical:
    • be ruthless about what’s not working
    • be limitless with what’s working

While some of the sessions were better than others, I found at least 2-3 things per session which could be immediately implemented.

In some cases, I took pages of notes so I can create a plan for testing my assumptions and determining if this is the right move for our current business goals!

There are few specific products and ideas I’m most excited to try and they are related to either automation [surprise, surprise!] or process [even more surprising…NOT!].

As a result of visiting #MarketingOptWeek, I’m going to explore deeper down those rabbit holes as well as continue to monitor for what is already working.

If you’d like to discuss more about what I’ve covered or are interested in an integrated marketing manager in Los Angeles, please comment below or send me a note.