#TechFair LA 2018 | Resume Tips for ALL Job Seekers

Last week, I volunteered with the Annenberg Foundation at their #TechIsUs Lounge.

I signed up to provide resume tips for all job seekers, to conduct interview coaching, and to engage in general mentoring.

I have done this a few times in the past, at other events, and I wanted to check out the #TechFair event and lend my time to another great cause.

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My first impressions of the event were that it was sponsored by some great companies, attended by tech job seekers, and in a great spot, especially for public transportation which was good: there were 14K people expected!

Arriving just after it opened at 10am, I wanted to get there early to check out the entire fair and I was also meeting a fellow GITLA board member who was going early.

We easily located one another and set about checking the booths and companies attending…it was BUSY!

The longest lines were at the “hottest” companies: YouTube, for example, had a line the entire time the event was open.

We enjoyed a yummy lunch from the food trucks sponsoring the event and ate outside under the trees because it was a lovely day.

Overall, it seemed like a great opportunity for all tech job seekers to connect with someone at the company of their dreams, assuming they had the time to stand in line.

In my mentoring sessions, I met with folks of:

  • all experience levels
    • some were still in college
    • some were returning from time out of the [tech] workforce
  • all backgrounds
    • some were advanced coders
    • some were just beginning their tech exploration

They all benefitted from the same kinds of advice and so I’m sharing that on the blog today.

Here are some of my best resume tips for all job seekers:

  1. Explore job postings
  2. Match your versioned resume to the job post
  3. Use your cover letter to connect the dots
  4. Make it easy for the recruiters!

Here is a simple infographic you can PIN to keep these RESUME TIPS FOR ALL JOB SEEKERS info at-hand.

resume tips for all job seekers

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